Manchester United Identifies Suitable Wayne Rooney’s Replacement… Is He Ready?

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Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford has been tipped to succeed Wayne Rooney at Manchester United as he has the potential to become of the greatest strikers to ever play for Manchester united. Marcus Rashford made his debut for Manchester United in an Europa league game and went on to score two goals against a Danish team which made him the youngest player to ever score in the competition.

Three days after the Europa league game, he featured for Manchester United against Arsenal and also found the back of the net which was also similar to the way Wayne Rooney announced himself in the premier league with a goal against Arsenal when he was just 16 years old.

Marcus Rashford was used on few occasions during England’s world cup campaign last year but it became obvious that he has all it takes to be a game changer and despite having a fault in Slovakia’s goal against England last week, the player still went on to grab the winner to hand the three lions the three points.

There would be a lot of expectations from the youngster come next year’s world cup in Russia and it is rumored that he could be the one to help the three lions get past the semi final stages of the competitions after enduring 52 years of hurt.


  1. Just a couple of things regarding this article. Firstly, Rooney was not one of Manchester United’s greatest strikers. In fact, over the thirteen years he was there he scored less than twenty goals per season. That is much less than the great strikers.
    Secondly, we don’t want Rashford to replace Rooney because, if he does, he will have to start giving the ball awat all the time, chatting up girls and meeting with prostitutes when his wife is away and holding the club to ransom when he doesn’t agree with something.
    No, we certainly do not need another Rooney, whoever he may be.

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